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meta repository description
info ALCF-Material The training material
info autoperf BGQ automatic performance collection tool
info bes-diffuse-demo-2014 BES diffuse scattering demo 2014
info bgq-driver BGQ driver RPMs and source
info BlueTBB The Blue Gene and PowerPC unofficial branch of Intel Thread Building Blocks (TBB).
info density-estimator paper on density estimation of particle data using tessellations
info exaosr Exascale OS/R Repository
info FTI Fault tolerance interface
info HyperSpecData Repository of the hyperspectral imager data.
info itl Information Theoretic Library
info JLESC repo for the joint-lab
info minotaur repository for the minotaur source code.
info nekbone none
info PowerMonitoring none
info redac public repo for the base station that hosts environmental sensing platform
info repast Repast Simphony
info skope Performance modeling framework
info tess Voronoi and Delaunay parallel tessellation
info Wallace_Cluster_15 Repository for Sean's Cluster 2015 paper.

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